3PL – 3rd Party Logistics

Let us be the link between you
and your customers and function
as your own distribution center.

We’ll provide all the resources necessary
to distribute your products or raw
materials wherever you might need them;

  • Business to Business,
  • Business to Consumer
  • or Intra-Company

First, ship us your consumer goods, raw materials, component parts, or supplies. No matter what the material, we can receive, catalog, inventory, and warehouse it in a safe and efficient manner.  Afterwards, we’ll report back to you the item index, quantity and condition of all the materials received (including any damages, shortages or overages that could have occurred in transit or at origin).  We’ll handle your material as if it were our own!

Second, send us your orders and we’ll efficiently pick, package and assemble them according to your specifications.  After they’re prepared, we’ll ship them to your customers in an accurate and timely manner.  You can choose the carrier or allow ASD Logistics to take care of the transportation and deliver your orders locally.  We welcome special requests and have built our business around customers with special needs.


Third, we’ll help you streamline your supply chain and more importantly lower distribution related costs…Providing the tools and expertise to help you more successfully manage your business.  By outsourcing your logistics needs to ASD, you’ll actually enhance the control you have over warehouse related activities…Relying on our experience to improve accuracy and ultimately become a more reliable vendor to your customers!

Logistics for YOUR Business, Tailored to Match YOUR Needs

Contact us today at (404) 349-3800 to learn how we might be able to help you with your Warehousing & Distribution needs!

Here are a few more of the services we offer…


  • Pick, Pack & Ship Services
  • Order Fulfillment Services
  • Cross Docking Services
  • “Real-Time” Receiving Services
  • “Real-Time” Shipping Services
  • Light Product Modification
  • Custom Crating Services
  • Light Duty Assembly
  • Display Assembly
  • Product Kitting
  • Consolidation Services
  • Container Stripping / Stuffing
  • Seasonal Merchandise Distribution
  • Reworking Damaged Product
  • Reworking Distressed Loads
  • Special Stenciling, Marking or Tagging
  • Weighing & Product Measurement
  • Over Packing & Repacking
  • Blind Shipment Origination
  • Custom Labeling Services


  • Detailed Inventory Management
  • Full Inventory Control
  • Lot / Date Reporting
  • Min / Max Reporting
  • Specialized Code Translation
  • Back-order Management
  • “Real-Time” Reporting Capability
  • Managed Returns Program
  • Special Project Assistance
  • New Product Introduction
  • Generate Custom Labels
  • Photographic Documentation
  • Packaging Material Procurement
  • Consultation / Advisement
  • Warehouse Set-Up
  • International Distribution
  • National Distribution
  • Regional Distribution
  • Web Enabled WMS
  • EDI Capability

Storage & Specialty

  • Public Warehousing
  • Contract / Dedicated Warehousing
  • Seasonal Inventory Storage
  • Product Overflow Storage
  • Outdoor Storage Capability
  • Order Fulfillment Allocation
  • Disaster Relief Staging
  • “Real-Time” Storage Services
  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Plant Expansion / Support
  • Promotions / Special Events
  • On Demand Special Projects
  • Certified Weighing Capability
  • Quality Control Monitoring
  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Dedicated Storage Allotment
  • Recycling Services
  • One Time Events
  • Turn Key / Dedicated Services