“SYNAPSE” by Zethcon

In an effort to provide our customers with the latest technological tools and advancements, ASD Logistics utilizes a comprehensive and fully integrated inventory management system.  This system, called “SYNAPSE”, was designed by Zethcon Corporation and is a state of the art system with enterprise level capability.  Zethcon Corporation has operated continuously for the last 36 years with 25 of those years dedicated to development of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).  Established on the Oracle database platform, SYNAPSE has proven its capability and is being used by some of the largest and most respected 3PL’s in the world.  SYNAPSE was designed to be very intuitive, highly scalable and extremely reliable.  SYNAPSE was also designed with a level of flexibility that allows ASD to cater more specifically to individual customer needs.  In other words, the system provides the flexibility to help us accomodate some of your processes as opposed to designing all of your processes around SYNAPSE.

Users will also have access to these features and more:

  • Internet-enabled functionality
  • 24 Hour – 7 Day a week access to inventory and historical data
  • 24 Hour – 7 Day a week access to reports required to measure and manage your business
  • Broad systems integration capability (SAP, SAGE, MS Dynamics, etc.)
  • (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification capability
  •   (RF)  Radio Frequency capability
  •   ….and much, much more