Freight Related Services

  • Local LTL Transportation
  • Local Trailer Load Transportation
  • Stock Transfer / Shuttle Services
  • Cross Docking & Delivery
  • Expedited Delivery Service
  • Specialized Local Delivery
  • Blind Shipment Origination

  • Tractor Trailer Service
  • Straight Truck Service
  • Inside Delivery Service
  • Lift Gate Service
  • Local Courier Service
  • Consolidation Service
  • Rework Distressed Load / Missed Appt.

ASD provides a wide array of Transportation Services.  We can provide Specialized, Expedited, or Standard Delivery with our fleet of local trucks.   We can also act as an LTL Freight Consultant by evaluating your current contracts and carriers to ensure they remain competitive.

ASD can also help carriers (business to business) with help for stranded drivers who have missed appointments. We can unload damaged freight, rework the damage, and reload trucks to minimize down time and expense.  We can provide consolidation services as well (building truckloads to maximize shipping efficiency). In some cases, we have been called upon to transload shipments, identify and tag various items and reload or consolidate them into blind shipments. We have also performed “advanced receiving” for events such as trade shows, either holding the freight for another carrier to pick up or delivering locally, if desired.