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Founded by H. Ray Turner, ASD Logistics, Inc. first did business as  —
All Southeast Distribution, Inc. &  All Service Delivery, Inc.  Both of these entities were incorporated and opened for business in 1986 (and have been operating in the Atlanta area for almost 30 years).

Combining the Warehouse and Transportation businesses, we adopted the name ASD Logistics, Inc. in 1995.  With over 70 years combined experience in the industry, we’ve cultivated our reputation in the market as a valuable, trustworthy, and substantive logistics partner.  Our experience is broad, our knowledge base deep, and our commitment to servicing your business could not be stronger.  ASD has helped many corporations (and small businesses alike) devise, revise, and more importantly, enhance their methods of distribution.

We’ve built our business around the concept of Service Oriented Architecture.  We feel this provides our clientele with the best means to manage and measure their business processes.  We also offer our customers 24/7 web access to all of their distribution related information.  We utilize an enterprise level Warehouse Management System (“SYNAPSE” by Zethcon) to ensure our customers have access to the latest technological tools and advancements available in the 3PL industry.

We’re located on the west side of Atlanta, just off of Fulton Industrial Boulevard. Our address is 6160 Purdue Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30336.  Our main facility is an 18 door brick & block building that was built in 1981.  It was designed for heavy volume warehousing and distribution.

Jason Turner – VP & GM

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ASD Logistics - Other Services

When you need experience, we have it covered.

Let ASD LOGISTICS be the link between ou and your customers. We function as your own WAREHOUSE and DISTRIBUTION Center.

No matter what the material, we can receive, catalog, inventory, and warehouse it in an efficient manner.


Send us your orders and we’ll efficiently pick, package and assemble them based on your specific instructions.


ASD Logistics will function as your distribution center, facilitating strong relationships between you and your customers.


ASD provides a wide array of Transportation Services.  We can provide Specialized, Expedited, or Standard Delivery with our fleet of local trucks.


Let ASD’s Consulting Team survey your operation, and make suggestions on operating to improve efficiency while helping control costs.